The Company

Who we are

We were born from the initiative to act in the market of arts and culture, with the ultimate goal of raising the earnings of copyrights for our clients. Focusing in the administration of the author’s rights of composers, performers, actors, directors and artists in general, we seek the best solutions to manage and protect the intellectual property of our clients, so they can fully dedicate themselves to their craft: the art creation.

We manage the author’s rights and related rights, i.e., the entire catalog of works, and sound recordings of the artist, what sets us apart from the traditional music industry, split between publishers and record companies.

We work with the proposition of a different business model, in which the artists don’t need to waive their rights to ensure a fair remuneration for their work.

We have a highly qualified team of professionals, not only in the author’s rights area, but also in modern practices of catalog management of artistic works and phonograms, which guarantees the peace of mind of our clients.

Synergy: This is the word that defines the UP-RIGHTS.

How we work

We work in partnership with national associations that composes the ECAD (UBC, ASSIM, among others), and international associations, such as SGAE (Brazilian Delegation), GDAIE, ASCAP and BMI.

From a thorough monitoring of the use of the client’s works, we elaborate periodic listings informing the amounts to be received, the works and phonograms registered, besides the reports of interventions, and the requests of liberation of kept credits.

We maintain close contact with associations, record labels, publishers and digital content distributors in order to ascertain the regularity of the accounting, the periodicity of payments, correction of entries, and the whole organization necessary to ensure the correct payments from these companies to the artists.

We also mediate the full legalization of works for use in albums, DVDs, clips and films.

Mission, Vision and Values
Mission: To increase considerably the earnings of our clients with copyrights, ensuring a fair remuneration for the artist’s work.

Vision: To be recognized as the most important copyrights administration company in the market, proposing a different business model, in which the artists don’t need to waive their rights



We have the ethics and the transparency, not only as fundamental values, but also, as the philosophy of our work. We optimize the earnings in a responsible way, always defending what’s fair and correct, above anything else.


We are committed to obtain results for our clients, because we believed in the importance of their work.


Our commitment is with the results. We establish goals and execute plans, ensuring the increase in the earnings of the artists with their copyrights.