We seek intelligent solutions, with full responsibility and autonomy, to release the artist from all the bureaucratic hassle.
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We seek the best solutions to manage and protect the intellectual property of our clients, so they can fully dedicate themselves to their craft: the art creation.

We’ve developed a different business model, in which the artists don’t need to waive their rights to ensure a fair remuneration for their work.

We manage the author’s rights and related rights, i.e., the entire catalog of works, and sound recordings of the artist, what sets us apart from the traditional music industry, split between publishers and record companies.

With the ultimate goal of significantly increasing the income of our clients, we have a highly qualified team of professionals, not only in the author’s rights area, but also in modern practices of catalog management of artistic works and phonograms.


Fábio Keldani
Someone like Daniel Figueiredo, who came from a small town and to be what he is, leading such important projects, he deserves, at least, a lot of respect and admiration.
DJ Robson Vidal
I work with Daniel Figueiredo since 2001, and after so many years of partnership I can vouch for his character, talent, honesty, and friendship, so I‘m certain that my rights are in good hands with UP-RIGHTS.
Frank Colon
An artist needs tranquility and the peace of mind to create, knowing that his work is in good hands. Without someone trustful to manage well his author’s rights, the artist can’t consolidate himself. Being a client of the UP-RIGHTS is to combine business with pleasure, having the talented and experienced Daniel Figueiredo in command.

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Established in 2009, the UP-RIGHTS, launched in Brazil the concept of Rights Management: an overall management of author’s rights, image and name of artists, composers, musicians, writers and characters.
We seek intelligent solutions, with full responsibility and autonomy, to release the artist from all the bureaucratic hassle.
Monitoring and supervision of our clients’ author’s rights within national and international associations, record labels and publishers.
Registration and catalog organization, with all the necessary registrations at ECAD and other organizations in Brazil and abroad.
Audiovisual and phonographic clearance.
Search and recovery of credits retained by ECAD.
Monitoring of economic uses of artistic works and phonograms.


What are the author’s rights?
What are my rights as an artist?
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